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As we acknowledge costs incurred obtaining a Specialist to visit your premises. With Occupational Health Plus we offer an alternative solution with a variety of low cost forms, policies and assessments. They provide you with

  • Articles on health related topics suitable for health promotion
  • Occupational Health medical forms focusing on health requirements for specific job demands
  • Online Assessments of workplaces like home worker, computer user
  • Online Medical Assessments like at pre-employment or for night worker
  • Policies and Procedures on occupational health and health & safety related issues

  • These forms serve for a wide variety of lower and higher risk workplaces. Should you feel that you are over challenged you can still get in touch with us for a professional consultant to help you.

    Please follow this link to visit our online shop Occupational Health Plus to see the full range of choices.

    If you wish further information, please contact us.

    Good health is good business
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    Last Update: August 18 2014