Executive medicals

For valued members of staff who do not require mandatory medicals we offer customized consultations, giving your employees the opportunity to have a general health check and to get medical advice. In these medicals we

We ensure strict confidence in respect of handling of the medical information. With consent of the employee we are happy to provide a report to their employer commenting on their fitness for the job.

Please contact us for bespoke medicals and we will advise you how you can best support your staff.

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Cognitive decline shows as early as from the age of 45 to 49. Have a regular medical to ensure safe working http://goo.gl/kmNdE

Milk is common in European diet but many people from other continents are lactose intolerant as adults.

Fruit and vegetables are best raw or slightly steamed or cooked. This preserves the healthy vitamins.

Exposure to ionizing radiation has lead to 7,400 leukaemia deaths in 2004 according to WHO.

It seems that for about 25% of strokes a reason cannot be found. Regular medicals can advise on known risk factors http://goo.gl/kmNdE

Whole grain rich diets seem to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Drinking fruit juice is a nice variation of having fruit. Best squeezed to preserve vitamins!

Exposure to UV radiation caused 65,000 melanoma deaths in 2000 according to WHO.

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