Pre-employment assessment


Recruiting new staff is expensive - so better get it right!

Medical input ensuring the new employee's health complies with the duties of the job. To enable employees to perform to their best we can advise on how to overcome problems related to ill health so employer and employee can agree on realistic targets. Starting with realistic expectations shows ongoing benefits:

Our consultants provide impartial advice based on occupational health expirience enabling you to manage effectively right from the start.

Our pre-employment and pre-placement assessments are compliant with legal requirements in the UK after a job has been offered to a candidate. They can be used nationally and internationally.

The pre-employment medical fitness assessment keeps medical details confidential and focuses on the problems relevant to the work. Pre-employment assessments are available:
Choose the option suiting your needs!

Development of pre-employment medical screening modules

As pre-employment medical assessments need to be relevant to the demands of the job we can help analyse your workplace environment and job demands. We develop clear medical criteria for employment and assessment. Using this information we design appropriate pre-employment screening questionnaires and examinations, driven by your own requirements and circumstances. We offer a module based system to pick and choose what your need. Specific modules and assessment criteria can be developed.

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The quickest way to have a medical check when starting a new job is using the online facility

Pre-employment medicals enable employers to adapt workplaces to comply with disability requirements.

Working in care or medical environments place special demands on staff health

Quick and easy online assessments for staff providing personal care

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