Surveillance medicals

For a lot of situations at work regular medical examinations are legally required. After a carefully conducted risk assessment the decision will be made on meeting the action levels triggering surveillance medicals.

The most common risks at work are:

The HSE requests regular surveillance medicals when Workplace Exposure Limits are reached.

The Working Time Regulations require the employer to offer their employees a medical assessment before starting on regular night work and then in regular intervals. The employee has the right to decline the employers offer and miss out on early detection of possible health problems frequently related or worsened by night work.
We offer paper based as well as interactive online night worker assessments.

For further information please contact us and we would be happy to advise.

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Employers need to arrange regular medicals for employees exposed to noise at work at 80 dB and above

Employers are required to offer regular health checks to employees working regular nights

Loud noise can damage the hearing. Employer has special duties to arrange regular medical assessments

Working with chemicals? Get a professional medical to ensure you are safe

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